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We don't insure a self-employed worker like a multinational corporation!

Assurance Travailleur autonome Essor

We know your business. The risks, the realities. That's why our Soar plan can help you choose reliable and innovative coverage, designed for self-employed workers.

With the Soar plan, we put a lot of thought into how to insure self-employed workers

Whether you work from home, in a rented space or on-site with your customers, you need to protect what matters most to your business. If your place of work was to burn down or a claim were made under your third party, professional or tenant liability, the Soar plan will get you back on your feet.

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  • Additional insurance for property related to your professional activities:
    • On and off the insured premises
    • Property entrusted to your representatives
    • Customer accounts
    • Important documents and archives
    • Cash
  • Operating loss insurance:
    • Loss of income for the period of a claim, including audit fees and additional costs to maintain your activities
    • Impediment or denial of access to your place of work
  • Extension of third party liability for your business:
    • Product liability and completed work
    • Personal injury
    • Advertising liability
    • Tenant liability for your professional activities
    • Medical fees
  • And many more...

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