06 July 2018

Hiking in the Saguenay region

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It’s no secret that the Saguenay area is absolutely gorgeous. The many trails in the region serve as a stunning reminder every summer. But with the plethora of hiking options, how do you make a choice? To help you, we’ve decided to share some of our favourite wilderness destinations. So tell your family to pack their bags: a hiking adventure awaits!

Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay

Awe-inspiring! That’s a good way to describe Saguenay Fjord National Park. With hiking trails for all levels, the park boasts stunning views of the fjord from both shores. Climb Cap Trinité in the Baie Éternité Sector to reach the famous Notre Dame du Saguenay statue and―you guessed it―an awe-inspiring viewpoint.

Sentier Eucher

You’ll find Eucher Trail starting at the La Baie marina. It’s a 4.5 km hike by the fjord for the whole family with a picnic area and washroom. After a 150 m ascent, you reach the Centennial Cross on the summit of the capes, where there’s a stunning view of the Bay of Ha! Ha!

Parc national des Monts-Valin

A few minutes from Saguenay are mountains that stand more than 900 m tall. Welcome to Valin Mountains National Park. It’s a 154 sq. km playground in the wilderness with the highest mountains in the area and many maintained trails that allow you to enjoy the park to the fullest. Diverse wildlife, protected vegetation, towering summits, infinite panoramic views: we guarantee you’ll love it!

Sentier pédestre du lac Kénogami

Beginning atop Mount Lac Vert in Hébertville, Lake Kénogami Trail runs for nearly 40 km. Lakes, rivers, streams, viewpoints: the beauty of the surrounding landscape will continuously amaze you. You’ll even get to take a 101 m-long self-propelled gondola and cross a 23 m-long suspension bridge.

Parc de la Rivière-du-Moulin

With over 30 km of well-maintained trails on either side of the river, Rivière du Moulin Park is a unique natural site. It’s a forest in the heart of the city of Saguenay that’s really typical of the region, with a historic site, a river, rapids, waterfalls, and much more. A real beauty!

How about you? We want to hear about your favourite trails in the Saguenay area. We love discovering new landscapes. Until then, enjoy your summer and hikes!