15 July 2021

Telemedicine: How does it work?

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Telemedicine lets you see a doctor quickly without having to leave home. Everyone’s talking about it these days! As it gains in popularity, telemedicine is sure to be one of the most sought-after employee benefits.

What is telemedicine?

You might think that telemedicine is just a doctor’s appointment. And you wouldn’t be wrong—it’s an appointment with a healthcare professional.

But telemedicine is more than that: it’s an online health service that is frequently available 24/7. Healthcare professionals work in a virtual clinic where they keep close track of records and offer easier access to consultation.

Now that telework is widespread, people are exploring different ways to simplify their lives. Telemedicine is one of those ways. At Promutuel Insurance, we offer it as one of our benefits because we know many people are reluctant to make doctor’s appointments for a variety of reasons.

How it works

As an employee or job applicant, you may worry about where your data will end up as it’s sent across the Internet.

Rest assured, the law is clear: sensitive data may not leave the system unless you’ve given your authorization. Your employer (or future employer) also cannot sign you up for telemedicine. Only you can.

Security and confidentiality

Here are a few questions that come up a lot, regardless of the platform or plan people are using.

  • Is the app secure?
  • Can I add family members?
  • Will family members see my medical record?

Yes, it’s all very secure, because there are regulations on the books and they must be followed.

In most apps it’s easy to add family members, either during your first appointment or directly on the healthcare platform.

And doctors and other specialists are bound to professional secrecy just as they are with in-person records. Your records are only available to you and your clinical team.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask your organization’s HR department.

Getting a telemedicine consultation

Of course if you want to use telehealth, you need Internet access. Depending on your preference (and your connection), you can do your consultation over video, chat, or audio.

Here are the steps to get a consultation:

  • Once your employer says you can use the platform, create an account with your personal email address.
  • Install the app on your phone or tablet, or go to the website on your computer and sign in.
  • Choose a time and date to make an appointment in just a few clicks.
  • - When it’s time for your appointment, you usually just need to click a button to start talking to the healthcare professional in charge of your account.
  • - After your conversation with the medical provider, it’s common for any prescriptions to be sent directly to your pharmacy, with the option to have them delivered to you (sometimes even for free).
  • - You may also receive a treatment plan after your consultation.

Of course, if you have a serious issue or if your condition or the reason for your consultation cannot be handled safely and effectively with telemedicine, you may need to see a physician in person.

Telemedicine at work

Employee benefits

If your organization offers telemedicine as a benefit, that’s great for you. Why?

First of all, you save a ton of time. No more travel time or waiting rooms! That’s several hours every visit that you get back. Wait times are much shorter, which also helps free up space at certain facilities.

Now instead of having take a day or half-day off to go to an appointment, you can get back to work much faster. It also saves you the trouble of finding someone to watch the kids or having to brave the bus.

Note that some apps, such as Dialogue, offer this kind of service. Some even specialize in certain types of issues. For example, Dialogue offers a Stress + Mental Health program that’s part of the Promutuel Insurance employee benefit package. Dialogue also has a Physical Health program, whereas the Olive platform offers pregnancy and pediatric services.

Whatever platform your employer offers, you have a lot to gain.

Standard services

While 70% of cases can be treated quite well with telemedicine, the format is especially well suited to the following types of problems:

  • Migraines, colds, and flu-like symptoms
  • Aches and pains
  • Indigestion, vomiting, and other digestive or gastrointestinal problems
  • Allergic reactions
  • Burns, irritations, or skin infections and rashes
  • Insomnia or fatigue

Prescriptions and refills, doctor’s notes, and general health advice are also perfect for telemedicine.

Some platforms even offer learning opportunities, which is a benefit you can use in your everyday life.

Promutuel Insurance and telemedicine

At Promutuel Insurance we’re proud to include telemedicine as an employee benefit. Our goal is for everyone to feel good here. And we want to make sure you’re at your best, whether you’re home or in the office.

Join us here at Promutuel Insurance and enjoy benefits that make a difference for you and your loved ones.