28 February 2018

Satisfy your sweet tooth in and around Sherbrooke

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Not to rush you, but spring is right around the corner. And with it, the time of year eagerly anticipated by anyone with a love of sweets, comfort food, or a combination thereof: maple sugar season! The Sherbrooke  area is full of sugar bushes, so we’ve decided to tell you about a few of our favourite sugar shacks and maple destinations. We’re as excited as you are!

Ferme Martinette


Ferme Martinette is one of the best maple producers in Québec, with syrup and maple products that are second to none. So much so that they’ve carved out a place for themselves on the national and international markets. Quite the feat! Although you won’t get to sit down to a meal, Ferme Martinette has a boutique where you can discover sweet perfection three generations in the making.

We love: the incredible selection of maple products (syrup, butters, sugars, candy, caramels, jellies, vinegars, and more)



Érablière Gareau

Canton de Hatley

Located in the centre of Hatley Township, Érablière Gareau welcomes you to a big, rustic cabin with a warm family feeling—the hallmark of a great sugar shack. Traditional meals, maple syrup aplenty, and maple taffy on snow… Come for a sugar shack experience to rival your fondest childhood memories!

We love: the cozy, down‑home feel that really brings people together


Érablière Duchesne


Tucked away in the woodlands of eastern Sherbrooke, Érablière Duchesne is the perfect place to enjoy this traditional experience with the whole family.

You’ll find all the classic sugar dishes lined up for your enjoyment at their all‑you‑can‑eat buffet. If it’s been a while since you’ve been to a sugar bush, come and taste what you’ve been missing!

We love: the natural beauty of the setting, in a calm, peaceful forest

Érablière Le Jardin sucré


Beautiful, red, and oh‑so‑sweet. Le Jardin sucré is a little sugar shack that offers you a warm welcome in the midst of a beautiful sugar bush. It’s a real family affair, with all the traditional activities and a hearty meal with all the sugar season classics. As easy on the eyes as it is on the stomach!

 We love: the cozy, intimate feel of this quaint sugar shack


Hearing the call of a sugar shack this year? Book your visit as soon as you can—the sugar shacks in Sherbrooke are already starting to fill up. Happy maple season!