24 May 2017

Meet your future boss: Frédéric Matte, Risk Oversight Manager

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Good to have you, Frédéric!What’s your position at Promutuel Insurance?

I head up the department in charge of risk oversight, a position I’ve held since May 2015.

Great!Could you tell us a bit about how you got there?

Well, after I graduated from Université de Montréal in 2006, I first got into insurance with a job as an actuary in corporate actuarial services. Later I moved into business insurance underwriting.

Along the way I got a chance to start off in a whole new direction, in corporate finance, specifically capital management.

In June 2014 I moved back to Québec City to join Promutuel Insurance when I was offered a management position in corporate actuarial services. A year later I landed where I am now, as risk oversight manager.

It’s such great work: I get the whole picture—a 360-degree view of operations. My job gives me a chance to work with several different teams.

It’s anything but routine—the purpose of my job is to provide a vision and direction for risk management.

Tell us about your team…

Well, all of us come from completely different backgrounds. We’ve got an actuary, an IT expert for cyber-risk and information security, and a member with an accounting background to look at operational risk management and business continuity.

What’s the biggest thing your team has accomplished since your arrival?

I’d say it was setting up the Own Risk and Solvency Assessment—the ORSA. It means the company now has a complete system for managing risk, which is something an operation like ours just has to have.

What’s it like to be part of your team?

We’re a tightly knit group that’s really taking off! Being a small team, we can really work collaboratively. I’d say our strength is that each member has his or her own special skills. Together, we’re complete!

What kinds of backgrounds are you looking for?

I like people who take serious things seriously, but can still loosen up when the time comes. As the team evolves, I want people who can work independently, show leadership, and who get a kick out of bringing new ideas to the table. I’d also say that our recommendations demand real professionalism, something I consider very important.

What’s the #1 reason working on your team is more enjoyable and fulfilling than anywhere else?

I’d say it’s our closeness to upper management, which gives us real influence on decision making. It’s a motivating factor, and it certainly helps us stay motivated.

What do you do to motivate your troops?

I try to recognize and acknowledge each person’s work as often as possible. I set it up so they can show what they’ve done to the right people. I also give them plenty of latitude.

Well, Frédéric, thanks again for talking to us. How can people who might want to join you in this adventure get in touch?

Join my LinkedIn network; send me an invitation, tell me about your background and most of all what makes you tick.

See all our openings here: www.promutuelassurance.ca/fr/carriere-equipe-actuariat

We look forward to meeting you!