Why isn’t Appi receiving my driving data?

If you are seeing this page, the Appi program is not getting driving data for the primary driver of your car, even though your insurance policy has been in effect for a few days now.

Without your data, the program cannot analyze your trips, and you won’t be eligible for Appi’s driving discount when you renew.

Check these 4 points to troubleshoot the issue:

1. Have you installed the Appi app?

If you haven’t installed Appi on your mobile phone yet, download the app here:

appi-telechargement-apple appi-telechargement-apple

2. Have you set up your client account in the app?

To use Appi, you must set up a client account. Tap “I am insured with Appi” on the home screen, then enter your first and last names and email address as shown on your insurance policy.

Important :
If you were using the trial version of the app, you must create a client account. Log out of your trial account (at the bottom of the Profile section), then tap “I am insured with Appi” to create your client account.

3. Is the app connected to your account?

To use Appi, you must be logged in to your client account. Tap “I am insured with Appi” on the home screen, then enter the email address and password for your account.

4. Is your phone with you (and charged) when you are driving?

So that your phone can record your driving data, you must have it with you in the car and make sure it is turned on. Also check that you have authorized Appi to use your GPS data.

Have you checked everything above, and Appi still doesn’t work?

Contact one of our technical advisors by sending an email to or calling 1 844 770-APPI (1 844 770-2774).

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